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Operation Angelica

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Do you believe in Muses?

A few months ago, I read a blog post that claimed there are no such thing as Muses. That author probably also doesn’t believe in Santa Clause and gives┬ákids toothbrushes at Halloween.

I side with the great writers of history. Homer, Virgil, Catullus (I’ve never heard of him, either), Dante Alighieri, Chaucer, Shakespeare and John Milton all wrote of the ancient Greek goddesses of the literature, science and the arts. The nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the Muses were the embodiment of knowledge of the arts. The Muses stuck around through the Renaissance and remain to this day the spirits on which artists call for inspiration.

What’s your muse? Mine has always been music. Odd for someone with no musical talent whatsoever. But, I love music of all types. My iTunes library is a scattered mish mash of Contemporary Christian, Classical, Country, Bluegrass (yes, there is a difference) Pop, and my newest passion: Symphonic Rock. Perhaps it’s because I listened to Genesis and Pink Floyd as an infant. Perhaps it’s my appreciation of classic music. Being a child of the hard rockn’ 80’s probably helps as well. Nonetheless, I found Within Temptation’s music about the same time I started “Operation Angelica”. The Muses were generous.

Check out my YouTube playlist for a few of the songs that dominated my playlist while I wrote through the long cold winter of 2013.