The Dream Cast

The title says “Dream” for a reason. A cast list this amazing will probably never happen, sigh. But, writing books almost always suggest using real people as models for fictional characters. It helps the writer create more vivid details. So, keep on reading to find out who, only in my imagination, might play the key characters in “The Vormund/Ames Files”.

Elizabeth Ashton – Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has proved her acting skills in a variety of roles – from “Big Love” to “Les Miserables”. I would love love love to see her make the leap to action star. Beautiful, sassy, graceful – Amanda Seyfried has always been the model for the lead character.

Brandon Casey – Sam Worthington

Chiseled face with sparkling eyes? Check. Warrior physique? Check. Acting skills to play the highly focused and slightly snarky Brandon Casey? Oh, yeah.

Mike Van Dellen – Kyle Chandler

When I saw “Zero Dark Thirty”, I jumped out of my seat when Kyle Chandler showed up as CIA boss Joseph Bradley. From that point on, I have always imagined Kyle Chandler as master marksman Mike Van Dellen.

Admiral Agosti – John Larroquette

The character Ed Agosti is a complex person, a bit of a chameleon in that he becomes whatever other people perceive him to be. Did I mention that John Larroquette is Creole? Just imagining this actor pulling out the accent when he wants to makes me smile like I just tasted a beignet.

Shannon Casey – Debra Ann Woll

Debra Ann Woll has matured into a beautiful woman and talented actress. She has the natural red hair and stunning looks to play the conflicted Shannon Casey.

Bud Dixon – Chris Cooper

A veteran of westerns, who better to play old cowboy sniper trainer Bud?

Yes, there are more characters… any suggestions?