Adventures in Social Media

Post Subtitle: “Why engaging in social media marketing on less than one cup of coffee is a bad idea.”

It started innocently. My daughter and I sat on the couch while she watched Mickey Mouse Club House and I checked morning emails and social media messages. I hadn’t visited Goodreads in a few a weeks, so I logged in and browsed a bit. “I should add more friends,” I thought. I hit the add friends button for Facebook, which requires you to send individual requests. So I sent a few – to actual people I know who also like books.

This is the point in the story where I should have finished that first cup of coffee. I noticed the Twitter button. “Let’s see what this does?”

HMMMM, it loads every Twitter account you follow, not the ones that follow you, but the ones you follow – ALL OF THEM.

AND I (kind of, must have, obviously) clicked the button, the one that sent a Goodreads Friend Request to all 1999 people I follow on Twitter.

The application spun its little circle for a while, and then timed out. “Whew!” I got out of that one,” I thought with satisfaction while sipping my coffee.

And then I saw the little message in red letters “You Have Sent 569 Friend Requests”

OMGEEEEEE. But wait, there’s more.

As the morning went on, my inbox exploded with alerts from Goodreads telling me that yet another person is now my friend on the site. Here’s the truth folks: I really do want to connect with you on Goodreads. I like books. I like writers. I write honest reviews. I recommend books that have impacted my life.

So, the takeaway from this little tale is: be careful what buttons you hit online at 7:30a.m., but embrace all the new people you might meet if you do!

p.s. find me on Goodreads at L.J.Lloyd

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