Review of “Riddick”

Rented “Riddick” last night with the husband. I was looking for an entertaining movie, and “Riddick” did not disappoint. “Odysseus in Space”, the movie showcases Vin Diesel’s best growling persona. Abandoned on a hostile planet, Richard B. Riddick battles beasts and mercenaries in an attempt to hijack a spaceship and return to his home planet. Like other good science fiction stories, “Riddick” doesn’t explain everything, just expecting the viewer to accept Riddick’s super hero abilities, the alien environment, and why these people are so darned violent. Oh, and there are jet engine powered motorcycles, a must have for any bad-ass space mercenary. What I liked most about Riddick is that it actually told a story with well-acted supporting characters. Katee Sackhoff always shines as the tough chick and Aussie Matt Nable kinda stole the movie for me. I recommend “Riddick” as a great veg-on-the-couch rental.

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