Review of “Captain Phillips”

The fact that most viewers know how the story of Captain Phillips ends is inconsequential. This movie grabs you from the time Captain Richard Phillips, played by Tom Hanks, boards the Maersk Alabama until the nail biting end. The hand-held camera device made me dizzy at first, but half way through the movie, I didn’t care anymore. Hanks shines as the tough as nails Yankee captain who repeatedly risks his own life in an attempt to stall desperate Somali pirates. Director Paul Greengrass shows, rather than tells, the utter hopelessness of the kidnappers’ plans. From the sweeping aerial view of the enormous cargo ship being pursued by tiny skiffs, to the harrowed faces of the drug addicted Somalis, to the “Holy crap, are they ‘gonna shoot or not?” climax, you won’t move past the edge of your seat. By the end of the movie, the viewer is emotionally drained, but left thinking, “What would I have done in his place?” I highly recommend “Captain Phillips.”

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