Monsters University, Part 1

I can only write about the first half of Monsters University, ’cause that’s all I saw. Here’s why: took all three kids to see a movie for the first time. My (almost) four year old daughter did great for the first half – not so much during the second half. And why do kids’ movies have thirty minutes of previews anyway? Her popcorn was gone by the time the movie started. And that was bad.

From what I saw of Monsters it was great. Everything you would want to see Mike and Sully doing in college. The fact that Disney managed to make a G rated movie about college may have been the best part. I didn’t see much after the point in the story where Mike and Sully and their band of misfits tried to break into the power plant. My daughter and I ran up and down the halls of the theater while my sister and boys watched all the cool looking monsters do funny and amazing things – becoming lifelong best friends in the process. At least that’s how I imagine it ended.

There’s hope! It’s called Blu-ray. And if Monsters University is like every other Pixar disk in my house, it will play over and over again for days and days to the point where I can recite the dialogue – backwards – in my sleep. Can’t wait!

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  1. No, you really did miss the part where Mike and Sully found Jimmy Hoffa and revealed who killed JFK. Too bad, I’m not telling.

    Leigh Schafer